Monday, January 21, 2013

Fruit and Nut Events Coming Up

A beautiful morning to meet up and organise events for the fruit and nut tree network at the Community Gardens in Harold Hodgson Park. Its still early enough in the day not to accumulate too many mosquito bites we meet to discuss what we might arrange over the summer months. And the outcome? We’re looking forward to delicious combinations of both planned and spontaneous activities based on what the seasons bring, and of course we hope you'll join us....
Anne, Kris, Jed, Rosie, Maggie and Sue

January 29th as network members know already, is the date for our popular Summer hands-on workshop:  preserving with fowlers vacola with Anne Elliott - contact to participate and create some beautiful jars of lovely fruit in this uniquely Australian tradition.
Find out more at the Slow Food website or see our post on the last session.

Summer brings so many fruits and this year is looking like a bumper crop all around, our friends at Todarello's Fruit market on the Bathurst Road, Katoomba will be letting us in on any super big spoils. Bruised fruit may not be acceptable for shoppers' fruit bowls at home, but they're great for preserving as jams, pickles and relishes. So throughout January and February, be on alert for news of fallen fruit jam and rescued relish making sessions which Anne will be hosting any morning there is such a surplus at 11am - FREE

Sunday February 16th - Love your trees this Valentine’s weekend, and find out all about Summer Fruit Tree Pruning in the mid mountains.  Ben Gorrick (from Intree Solutions) will be running a masterclass on pruning - there will be the opportunity for lots of questions, and some guided hands-on practice.  Kris has several established (and very overgrown) fruit trees (apricot, apple & pear);  we’ll be turning these into ‘pedestrian’ height trees with the capacity to turn them into weeping habit to increase productivity.  Contact Kris via email or call 0458 626210 to arrange your spot in this workshop (and to help with catering for the refreshments :-) ). 

Suggested donations to contribute: $10 waged, $5 unwaged.

In March we’ll be organising one of our calendar highlights gathering chestnuts in nearby Mt Irvine with Kookootonga Farm
. We’re dependent on when the nuts are dropping, so sign up for updates or look out on the fruit and nut tree website to find out more.

Saturday April 6th  The date for a dehydrating workshop - no experts. Just curious individuals who want to share helpful tips and information, ask questions and discover more about the diverse products you can make at home with a dehydrator. Bring all your experience to share or come as a beginner and see what it’s all about. - contact Maggie at if you’d like to attend. This event is FREE.

Next meeting of the fruit and nut tree network is: Sunday Feb. 24, 10 am  at the Community Gardens in Katoomba. Bring (local) nibbles to share.

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We can harvest a wide range of fruits and nuts locally each season.

Local fruit and/or nut gardeners are invited to make additions or suggest modifications to the following work-in-progress compiled by Lizzie Connor.


Across the mountains: loquat, mulberry, rhubarb, strawberry and (in late spring) raspberry

Best in the lower mountains: avocado, jaboticaba, lemonade


Across the mountains: apricot, blueberry, boysenberry, cherry, currant (red, black, white), gooseberry, kumquat, loganberry, loquat, mulberry,nectarine, peach, plum, raspberry, rhubarb, strawberry and (in late summer) almond, apple, fig, hazelnut, passionfruit, pear (incl. nashi), pomegranate, youngberry

Best in lower mountains:lemon (Eureka), lemonade, lime, mandarin, orange, persimmon (non-astringent) and (in late summer) avocado, babaco, macadamia, rockmelon, wampee, watermelon

Best in upper mountains: jostaberry, lemon (Meyer), persimmon (astringent)


Across the mountains: almond, apple, chestnut, feijoa, fig, grape, hazel, kiwi fruit, kumquat, medlar, olive, passionfruit, pear (incl. nashi), plum, quince, raspberry (some), rhubarb, strawberry, strawberry guava, walnut

Best in lower mountains: avocado, babaco, cherimoya, grapefruit, lemon (Eureka), macademia, monstera deliciosa, orange, pine nut, pistachio, rockmelon, tamarillo, walnut, watermelon, white sapote

Best in upper mountains: lemon (Meyer), mandarin (Satsuma)


Across the mountains: apple, hazelnut, kiwi fruit, kumquat, pear (incl. nashi)

Best in lower mountains: grapefruit, lemon (Eureka), orange, tangelo

Best in upper mountains: avocado (Bacon), lemon (Meyer)